Facebook Create Account

There are not many people who do not possess an account on Facebook. For those who are being introduced to the world of social media sites, the one account that they need to have is Facebook as most people have an account here and hence, it is easy to connect with most friends, colleagues and family members on such a platform. Creating an account on Facebook is an easy process for which many people sign up every few minutes on this popular social media platform. Friends can share messages with each other, post on each other’s wall, upload images for others to view, chat on the messenger option and so forth.

facebook create account

When you wish to create an account on Facebook, you can start by opening up the homepage of Facebook. You need to be at least thirteen years of age in order to hold a Facebook account. Even though an account on Facebook is free, there are ways of purchasing items through Facebook and one can create one account as per one email address on Facebook.

The sign up for Facebook seeks simple information from the new user. You need to type in your first and last name and then enter your email address twice to confirm the same. The password needs to be entered and one needs to confirm their birthday details in order to confirm with the age policy of the site. You also need to furnish your real name, create a password and enter your gender to complete the sign up press. Once one has agreed to the terms and conditions, the sign up process is completed.

Once the sign up process is completed, one will be sent a verification mail to the email address provided. When one clicks on the same, one will be redirected back to Facebook and their account will be activated.

The next step is to create your profile page, starting by uploading a profile photo. It is essential that you add a photo to your account as it will enable people to find you and you will be able to engage in conversations with friends and family members more easily. Once one’s profile is set, one need to start by seeking out profiles of friends and known people on Facebook. When one finds a friend or a family member, he r she can send an invite or a friend request to them. One can also invite others who are not on Facebook to join up and open an account here.

The next step is to set up the privacy settings and other features of your account. You need to modify the settings as to who can view your posts, who can send you friend requests and so forth. You need to ensure that you add on appropriate filters so that different groups of people can view your posts and share things with you. It also helps to prevent inappropriate content being posted on your site or shared with you.

These are the ways to create a Facebook account and to use the same.

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