Tips To Login Hotmail Account

The process to follow for signing into your Hotmail account remains simple and convenient in the Outlook domain. The steps to follow are:

  • Log onto the web browser of your computer and type in either domain addresses of or
  • You will reach the integrated sign in page of Microsoft services.
  • The login panel requires the username to be filled in, which requires the full Hotmail email address to be typed in.
  • The next page requires the password to be keyed in. The field is case sensitive and needs to be entered correctly.
  • Once the password is correct one is provided entry to their inbox page.

Once one gains access to the Hotmail inbox they can proceed to use the different features that the new integrated Hotmail account provides.

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How to stay signed in?

This option is convenient when you are accessing your Hotmail account frequently. The option is given below the password panel. When you check this box you will not have to key in your username and password every time you wish to access your inbox. If you are accessing your Hotmail account regularly and doing so from a dedicated computer, this is an option you can keep checking. It will help open up your inbox directly when you log onto the outlook domain. The steps to do so are the following:

  • Log onto or on your web browser.
  • You would be asked to key in your email address on the front page.
  • Once you do this you would be taken to the password page.
  • Here you need to key in the password in the case sensitive manner. At the time of keying in your password you will find the option to stay logged in. When you check this option, the next time you wish to check your emails, you simply need to type in the email domain address and your inbox will open up.

Two step verification feature of Hotmail account

This is another layer of security that Microsoft offers to all email users that can help reduce hacking attempts to any email account. It also helps to secure the login process to one’s email account which is a necessity when you are logging into your Hotmail account through different devices. The way it works is the following:

  • One needs to access their email inbox.
  • The account settings, which are found in one corner of the inbox page needs to be accessed.
  • There are security settings in this section where two step verification features can be activated.
  • When the two step verification procedure is activated, there is additional information that is required.
  • In case you have not provided an alternate email address, this needs to be provided and validated. There is also requirement for a valid phone number to be provided.
  • Once this additional account security information is provided, you would be able to use the two step verification feature for signing into your Hotmail account.
  • Once the two step verification feature is activated, you need to key in a security code that is sent to your phone number as a text message or to your email address.
  • This helps to prevent others from trying to access your email account.

Access code features for Hotmail accounts

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This is another security aspect that Microsoft provides to all email users. The access code feature can be activated when you download an app in your smart phone. You need to scan a bar code that helps you sync your phone with your account. Once this is done there would be an access code synchronized every time you wish to access your account. This feature also helps one to override the need to key in their account password every time.

Different useful features of Hotmail

Those who are logging into their Hotmail account after a long time will find several new and advanced features to use:

  • There is a focused section where one can check their priority email.
  • There is a single sweep feature that helps one to sweep away unimportant correspondence to keep their email inbox clutter free.
  • The email inbox can help you stay integrated with all your social media accounts; it is easy to check posts, updates, reply to conversations and so forth.
  • The Office suite integrated with your Hotmail account helps you create, edit and share documents, spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.
  • Hotmail inbox also has an additional cloud storage facility, Skype integration and other facilities that Microsoft offers.

The above points showcase how beneficial Hotmail accounts have become and it can be your daily email companion, whether you log in through your desktop or mobile device. Microsoft ensures that logging into your Hotmail account remains a secure experience every time. Hence, you can make use of your Hotmail account as you wish to and even log into the account from different devices.

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