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If you want to login to your Gmail account, then for that you should have your Gmail account and Gmail account gives you many benefits like accessing Google docs, YouTube, Google +, Calendar etc. As you have your username and password. For login the account, we first discuss the steps of sign up account:

  1. First open your web browser and type “Gmail” on your search tab or you can type
  2. In the open window you will see the “Sign in” option. To continue to Gmail account, enter your mail id or phone number and below the sign in option “Create account” option is there in blue color for creating a new account click on that.
  3. When you will click on option “Create account” the new window will opens where in you need to enter your details.
  4. Fill the text boxes with your “first name”, “last name” after that fill the “username” For e.g.: – you choose the username as [email protected] and it already exists then an error generate that this id already exists and it gives you the options of mail ids you can choose from that or else choose unique id.
  5. After that, enter the “password” and password should have minimum 8 characters and a mix of letters, numbers and symbols after that again fill the “confirm password” text box. Next to confirm password there is a symbol of “eye” from where you can see your password by clicking on it so as to check that “password” and “confirm password” option is same. Then click on “next”.
  6. In the next window, enter your “phone number” and “recovery, email id” which is optional but to secure your mail account one should enter both the options.
  7. Enter your “birthday” by selecting the drop down list of “month”, “day” and “year” and then enter your “gender” by selecting from the drop down list. Click on “next”.
  8. If you have entered your phone number then in the next window it was asked for “verify your phone number” and will send a six digit verification code for verifying and will have two buttons of “not now” and “send” click on “send” option.
  9. In the next window, enter that 6 digit code in the textbox and click on “verify”. If you didn’t receive the code or the code is misplaced then click on “call instead” and the call came with your phone it will tell you your code and click on “verify” button.
  10. The next window is of “privacy and terms” you can read all these terms and click on “cancel” or “I Agree”. If you agree click on “I agree”.
  11. After that loading starts and a dialogue opens of “Welcome to Sia, Gmail” and further tell you some instructions on how to use accounting in your devices and can personalize it. Click on “next” and then a message come of [email protected] is ready to use. Click on “go to Gmail”.
  12. Your mailbox is open with your first mail as “thanking you for trying the Gmail account” and now you can “choose any theme”, “import or export your contacts”, “store your data”, “set your profile photo” etc. It’s up to you how to personalize your account.

With this your Gmail account is successfully created and you can access it.

Now to directly login to your Gmail account, here are some of the steps

  • Step 1: Open your web browser and enter “Gmail” in your search tab or enter in the address bar.
  • Step 2: In the next “Sign in” window enter your “email or phone number” and then click on “next”.
  • Step 3: Enter the “password” in the next window and click on “Sign in”.
  • Step 4: Once you login to your Gmail account, you can able to see your email interface and can access it.

Troubles while login Gmail account

The problems generally occur when you forgot your username or password or have entered wrong username and password. For that you need to reset or recover your account.

Forgot your email id

  1. If you forgot your email id open the “Gmail” window and click on “Forgot email” and in the next window it will ask you to enter “phone number” or “recovery mail” enter any of that in the text box and click on “next”.
  2. Now enter your “first name” and “last name” in the text boxes and click on “next”.
  3. Gmail will asks to send you a verification code on your phone. Click on “send”. If you enter your mail id in the text box, then Gmail will send a verification code in your alternative mail box.
  4. Enter the six digit code for verification and click on “next” and also pop up window arise if you didn’t receive the code? Click on “resend”.
  5. In the next window it will ask you to choose an account, click on your account and your account has recovered.
  6. By choosing the account the window opens of “enter your password”. Enter the password and click on “next”. Your mailbox opens.

Forgot your password

  • If you forgot your password, click on “Forgot password?” The window slides.
  • In this it will ask you to enter your “last password” as you don’t remember your last password so click on “try another way”.
  • In the next window it will ask to enter a verification code on your phone either by a “text” or “call” choose any of the options. If you choose the “text” option, then the code comes on your phone via text and if you choose “call” then call came on your phone and it will tell your code.
  • Below the “text” and “call” there is an option of “I don’t have my phone”. Click on it and it will ask you to “send verification code on your alternative email id” and click on send. Enter the code in the space given below.
  • In “Account recovery” window there is again an option of “try another way” where it will ask you “when you create this Google account?” Enter the “month” and “year” from the drop down list if you remember. Click on “next”.
  • If you again click on “try another way” then it will ask you to “enter an email you can check now” and then enter the email id and click on “next”.
  • From above steps 2-7 it will help you to recover your account and you can successfully change your password and login to your email account.

Gmail login problems happen sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that you lose your account as there are many solutions to recover the Gmail account also Gmail gives you the option of “2-step verification” which helps to secure your password with 2 layers every time you login your account. You can enable this option by signing into your account.

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