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Do you want to know how are you can log in to your Gmail account or sign in to your Gmail account? Here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Sign in to Gmail account on desktop

  1. Open your laptop/desktop and click on your browser.
  2. If you have the Chrome browser on your desktop/laptop, then you will get the Gmail option at the top left page of the browser. To open the login page you need to click on ‘Gmail’ option.
  3. The login page will open and it will have two blanks, the first one is for email id and the second one is for the password. Here, you need to enter your complete Gmail ID and then the password of your account.
  4. Click on the next button or press enter button and you will be taken to your Gmail inbox.

In case you encounter any trouble login to your account, check if you have entered the correct login credentials. Sometimes login issues come to because of that internet connectivity as well. So, check that as well, if you have entered all the details correctly and if you are still unable to login to your account, then check the troubleshoot process for the same.

In case you do not have Chrome browser

If you are using any other browsers, then open your browser and enter the URL After entering the URL, press Enter button and the Google page will open. At the top left side of the page, you will find the option ‘Gmail’. Click on the Gmail option and follow the aforementioned steps to login to your Gmail account.

This is the simple way you can login to your Gmail account on the desktop or laptop.

Gmail sign in process on Android mobile or iPhone

If you want to login to your Gmail account on your Android phone, then it is important that you install the Gmail application in your phone first. The steps for the same are here:

  • Step 1

Open your mobile open setting page.

  • Step 2

In the setting page find the option “email‘. When you click on the option ‘Email’, a new option will appear that is ‘account’. Click on the ‘account’ option and then ‘add account‘.

  • Step 3

The device will show you different platforms on which you need to create an account. Because, we are talking about Gmail sign in, therefore we will select the option ‘Google’. This is because; Gmail is the email application of Google.

  • Step 4

When you will click on the Google option, your device will ask you to enter your email ID you created on this Gmail platform. Important things to remember here is, you need to enter the complete Gmail ID that [email protected]

  • Step 5

Device will ask you to enter your password after this. Enter the password of your Gmail account.

  • Step 6

At this stage, the device will ask your permission to sync your Gmail account details with the device. It will ask you what all things you want to sync with your phone. Options would be contact, folders, images and the details of other folders. You can check the boxes according to your preference and then tap on ‘Ok’ button.

  • Step 7

The device will take a few minutes to sync the details, so, wait for some time and meanwhile do not open any other application or do any other activity on your phone.

  • Step 8

Once the sync is finished, click on the finish button and do not forget to save the changes made. Click on the same option to save the changes.

  • Step 9

Now close your device and come to the main menu. Here, you will find the email icon. Check your email or Android or iPhone click on this item in your inbox will open.

Once you have synced your Gmail account with your phone, you don’t have to sign into your account every time you need to check your emails. However, when you will change the password of your account on desktop/ laptop, then access to your account on mobile device will get restricted by Google. You need to login to your account again by adding your latest login credentials that are email id and password.

Sign in to Gmail account using the Gmail app on the phone

  • Tap the hamburger menu () present in the upper-left corner of your phone screen, and then click on your name and email in the upper left side of the phone. After this click on the option ‘Add account’.
  • From the drop down list and select the option ‘Google’.
  • Once you will click on ‘Google’, you will be brought back at the Add your account screen. On this page, you need to enter your Gmail address the complete one and tap on Next button.
  • Then a new page will open with the password space. Enter the password of your account and then click on Next button. Here a page will open asking for your permission. Click on Agree button to go to the service page.
  • If you want to add your payment details, add your credit card information here or click on option No thanks.8
  • After this step is complete, you will be taken back at Accounts page present in the Settings page.

These are the simple steps how you can login email account on the desktop, Android phone and iPhone.

Configure multiple Gmail accounts in your phone

If you have more than one Gmail account and want to all of them on your phone, then here is a step you can follow.

Step 1: Open your and go to the setting of yes and click on option email.

Step 2: Click on account and then add account option.

Step 3: Then click on Google as you want to install Gmail application. If you want to install any other email application that is Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc., then you can click view options according.

Step 4: When you will be on the option ‘Google’, page will open asking you to enter your email address and then password. You need to enter your complete email address and password here. And then follow the aforementioned steps to add the account. Now, your account is added to your phone.

When it comes to access different accounts, the device will show you the options which email account you want to access before you sign in. For example, if you have configured two email IDs in your phone, then when you click on the Gmail icon to check your email, it will show you both the IDs. You need to click on the email which you want to check and the same will appear on screen.

Nevertheless, setting option in different phones differs; however, the process of adding the Gmail account in the phone or desktop would be more or less same in all devices. Still, if you encounter any issue and unable to sign into your account or at Gmail in your phone, then you can take the help of technical support team of your device manufacturer and with their assistance you can finish the task.

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