Play Store Download


If you are wondering how to go about downloading apps through Google Play Store, all necessary steps and instructions are given in this article.

  1. Play Store for Android

When you own an Android based mobile device, whether it is a smart phone or tablet, chances are that you already have the Google Play Store on your device. Most electronic devices that are bought new come with Google Play Store as a factory setting. If you do not have this app, you need to download it to access the different categories of Android apps that are made available through this platform.

  • How it differs from other Android app platforms?

If you are wondering how it stands apart from other Android app marketplaces here are some key features to note:

  • Being promoted by Google, it is a reliable marketplace to shop for all kinds of Android apps.
  • The selection of apps on this platform far exceeds the choices offered to others.
  • You are guaranteed reviewed and reliable apps on Google Play Store.
  • Most Android devices have Google Play Store sets as the default application manager which makes it convenient to use it for your mobile devices.
  1. How to get Google Play Store on your device?

If you own a mobile device that does not have the Google Play Store on it, you can download it by following the steps below:

  • Ensure that you have Wi-Fi or data connectivity on.
  • Open your mobile web browser.
  • Log onto Google to search for Google Play Store APK file.
  • Find the latest version of this file that would be compatible with your device.
  • Download the same.
  • Install it from the download folder.
  • What Google Play Store provides?

Once you have the Google Play Store on your mobile device, set it as the default application manager. This will make it easy for you to access different kinds of apps through this platform. When you have the Google Play Store on your mobile device, it becomes the one stop shop for different applications. You can access reviewed and verified apps through this platform.

  1. Apps on Google Play Store

So how do you access apps on the Google Play Store? At the time of using Google Play Store for the first time, you would be asked to link to an existing Google account. If you do not have one, create an account. Once the login verification is done successfully, you will be able to access apps on this platform.

  • How to manage them?

The process of managing apps on Google Play Store free is easy. The ones you like to view or browse through would be automatically shown on top. The apps you download would be showcased on a different page. You would also receive notifications of updates required of the different apps you download.

  1. Download free apps from Google Play Store

It is easy to download free apps on Google Play Store. Most functional and popular apps are available in free versions on this platform.

  • The process to follow

You can download a free app by the following steps:

  • Ensure that you have logged into the Google account linked to Google Play Store.
  • Find the free app you want by searching for it or finding it in the popular listings.
  • Agree to terms and conditions listed.
  • Once the download is finished, the installation would be completed.
  1. Download paid apps on Google Play Store

For paid apps a similar process is followed on Google Play Store.

  • The process to follow

Here you need to ensure that you have linked a payment option like a credit card or bank account details for executing payment transactions. Google payment methods are secure and will get you paid apps for your device easily.

The above steps will help you get your desired apps from Google Play Store.

The following are the key features of Google Play Store:

  • It offers you access to a wide variety of apps for the Android platform.
  • It was formed by Google to provide access to users as well as allow developers to promote their apps for Android which is an open source operating system.
  • This app acts as a marketplace where you can browse through different categories of apps like books, games, videos, functional apps of different kinds.
  • Google Play Store also has separate versions like Google Play, Google Books and Google Music showcase these dedicated categories of apps.
  1. How to get Google Play Store on your PC?

Given the popularity of Android apps, it should be small wonder that there is a demand for the same on the PC as well. Since PCs have different operating systems like Windows or Mac, you would need to have an emulator program to download Google Play Store on your PC.

  • Steps to follow

If you wish to know how to download an emulator program on your PC, here are the steps to follow:

  • Depending on the kind of PC OS you have, you can search for an Android emulator program.
  • BlueStacks is a well known emulator program, but there are others as well. Review and find one that would be suitable for your PC.
  • Download the same and ensure that it is working smoothly on your PC.
  • Search for different Android apps or get Google Play Store on this platform.
  1. Google Play Store and updates

Once you have a Google Play Store on the emulator program on your PC, it would work similar to how it does in your Android device. For instance, you can open the app on this emulator program and check for different kinds of Android apps. The apps you download would need to be updated as well. If you have the Google Play Store is running for long on this emulator platform, you need to update it to have access to a secure and improved version of the application.

  • Why updates are required?

Updates help keep your PC secure. When you run Google Play Store or any app on your PC, you need to be sure that the app is secure. As the Google Play Store acts as the platform through which you access different kinds of Android applications, you need to update it from time to time to ensure that the latest version is on your PC.

  1. Google Play Store and your PC

When you have the Google Play Store on your PC, you will gain access to all kinds of Android apps. These will run on the emulator program, but you will enjoy all benefits of the apps all the same.

  • Updating Google Play Store

The best way to update Google Play Store is to search for the latest version of the same on your emulator program, when you find the same, update the file accordingly.

  1. Benefits of Google Play Store on your PC

When you have the latest Google Play Store on your PC, you will benefit in different ways. You will gain access to different apps for easy download and secure way to do so as well.

Hotmail Login


Do you want to login to your Hotmail account after a long time and have forgotten the process? Not to worry, here is a step-by-step guide that will help you to login to your Hotmail account in any situation.

  • Step 1

Open the Hotmail login page using the correct URL. The URL for the same is On this page, click on option “Sign with Microsoft”.

  • Step 2

As you will click on the button, a new page will open asking you to enter your email ID.  Enter your complete email id and then click on the next button.

  • Step 3

Once you will click on the next button a new page will open asking you to enter your password. Enter the password and then click on the next button.

  • Step 4

Now you are inside your Hotmail inbox.

This is the simple and easy process to login to your Hotmail account. The Hotmail account login process is that simple and takes only a few seconds. But, sometimes people face issues when they try to log-in to their Hotmail account. The issues could be different, and here we are covering some general issues that can cause failed login attempts and its troubleshooting process.

When you have forgotten your account password

Password is important thing when it comes to login to Hotmail account or any other account. In case, you have forgotten your account password the Hotmail will not allow you to login to your account. However, the option of regenerating the password is there. Here, is the step-by-step guide, how you can re-generate your lost password and get access to your account.

  1. If you have forgotten your password then click on the forget password button present below the password blank.
  2. Once you will click on the forget password button, a new page will open that will help you in re-creating the password for your account.
  3. When you click on the options forget my password, a new window will open with the message ‘recover your account’. And there will be a blank present where you need to enter your email ID of Hotmail account.
  4. Enter the captcha shown at the below correctly and then tap on the next button.
  5. A new page will open, which is for the security code. Hotmail sends the security code on your registered email id or phone number, when you lose your password to identify you and help you in recreating your lost password.
  6. To receive the security code, either enter your registered email id or the phone number and click on the Blue button present below with the text written ‘send code’.

  1. You will receive a four digit security code on your phone via message or on email. Enter the same security code you receive on your mail or phone number on the device and then click on the next button.
  2. Now the reset password window will appear. Here, you can create a new password for your account.
  3. Once you create the new password of your account, and click on the next button you will be taken to the Hotmail sign in page. Enter your email here and the new password and click on the next button.

You have successfully logged in to your account.

In case you are using the wrong extension

Hotmail is the email account of Microsoft, and it is the popular Email application. However, Microsoft has now merged the Hotmail with Outlook and now only one email account exists for Microsoft and that is Outlook. The users who have accounts on Hotmail can still use the Hotmail extension to login; however, the platform for login would be of Outlook only.

In case you are entering the email ID with the extension, Outlook and you have email with extension Hotmail, and then also you won’t be able to login to your account. Therefore, make sure that you have entered the complete email ID with the correct extension.

Wrong characters in password

Hotmail password should be of eight characters with some characters. Sometimes, users create the password using different characters and forget the pattern of the same. In such situation as well users think that they are entering the correct login credential and are unable to login to the account. If this is the case with you, then also you can follow the above mentioned steps to change the password of your account and get access to your inbox.

Some other reasons that would cause fail login attempt are

  • The user is trying to open the account when there is no internet connectivity present in the device.
  • When the account has been logged in on a different device already. Hotmail allows users to access account on one device at one time.
  • In case user have installed the Hotmail on mobile and has changed the password on the desktop. In this situation, when user will try to access the account on mobile without updating the new password. The mobile would not give access of inbox to the user. The user has to update the new password in mobile to login to their account.
  • It is important for users to keep their Hotmail account active. If the account remains inactive for more than 8 months, it is automatically blocked by the Microsoft.  So, if you are trying to login to your account after a long time and even after entering correct details, if you are not getting access to your account, then the possibility is there that Microsoft has suspended your account.
  • To confirm this, you can send mail to your Hotmail ID from your alternate account. If your account is not active anymore, you will receive a message as revert on your mail for the same. To retain your account, you can talk to the support team of Hotmail. However, if the Microsoft would have assigned the account to someone else meanwhile, then you would never be able to access that account.

So, these are some of the common reasons, which may cause fail login attempt. To know more about it or to troubleshoot any of the issue, you can take the help of the Hotmail customer support team. Or you can also take the help of technical experts.