Play Store Download for Chromebook


When you have Chromebook, you will have access to certain apps and programs that Google makes available on this lightweight laptop or computer. Indeed, Chromebook has gained popularity in the student community as well as among working individuals. If you wish to gain more functionality out of it, try installing Google Play Store on Chromebook.

  1. About Chromebook

If you own Chromebook, there are certain unique features that make it distinct from the rest. It is a lightweight laptop that makes any work or project easy to execute. Loaded with unique applications, it is a new range of offering from Google.

  • Its features

Chromebook products from Google have certain unique features to offer:

  • These laptops usually have a cloud based storage system.
  • Easy access to online websites is the key feature of these computers.
  • Use tools and applications as you want through the cloud based system Google provides.
  • Apps and tools are unique to Chromebook operating system.

Hence it is a different world of computing that focuses on web based browsing and related activities.

  1. About Google Play Store

When you are using any Android based mobile device, you will gain access to a wide variety of Android apps through Google Play Store. This is an app marketplace popularized by Google. It has become the one stop shop for finding different categories of paid and free apps.

  • What you get?

There are several benefits of using Google Play Store such as:

  • It provides access to a wide array of apps, both paid and free.
  • You can review and read about apps before downloading them.
  • You need to link a Google account with Google Play Store to download apps on your device.
  • Downloaded apps can also be managed through Google Play Store.
  1. Google Play Store and Chromebook

For the above benefits you will want to have access to Google Play Store on Chromebook. Though Chromebook is also a Google product, the OS and platform makes it different from Android OS. However Chromebook OS version 53 and upwards can get your Google Play Store on your favorite Google laptop.

  • How it can work?

The Google Chromebook needs to be upgraded to version 53 and above to be compatible with running Google Play Store on it. Once you have the right framework, you can simply download the APK file of a compatible version. This will then install Google Play Store on your device.

  1. Apps you can gain access to

Once you have the Google Play Store on Chromebook you will gain access to a wide variety of apps. The Google Play Store compatible with Chromebook will showcase the following:

  • Apps that will work on Chromebook.
  • Instructions how to download and install apps.
  • You would be asked to link an existing Google account with Google Play Store.
  • Once you gain access to free and paid apps, you can download and run them on Chromebook.
  • It would prove to be as useful as any other mobile Android device you use.

The above features of Google Play Store make it a great asset for Chromebook as well. Access all your favorite games and functional apps on Chromebook through the Google Play Store.

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